Friday, February 5, 2010

Okay, so maybe the daily thing isn't going so well. Ha!

I have been doing photos almost daily, but now I am trying to start a blog that matches my business name, that will be essentially the same as this one. It will not be a business blog. I wouldn't bother with it at all if I didn't love to write so much.

I feel a little swamped lately. Things aren't going as quickly as I expected but I am so okay with that.

We are working on contracts and release forms. We are also looking in to business insurance for our equipment and property.

The site is ready but not up because I am not ready for clients yet.

I wish my fairy godmother would magically do all of the business details perfectly for me and I could just hide behind my camera. Hehe.

I am anything but business-minded.

I continue to think of ways that I can give back with my business and it seems I have not had a specific one click yet. I have so many ideas, I wish I could do them all. But I think I need to find one to focus on, especially at the beginning. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share them! Especially if you know a group or ministry that could benefit from photography somehow.

Alright... pictures.